Accurate, Honest Law Reporting Is The Need of The Hour: CJI NV Ramana

(Judicial Quest News Network)

The Chief Justice of India NV Ramana, on Wednesday, stressed upon the accurate and honest reporting. He was invited as the Chief Guest for the launch of “Supreme Court Cases (SCC) pre ‘69” by the Eastern Book Company.

In his speech he said that judges should use a simpler language while writing judgements.

He further emphasised upon reasoning and conclusion of Judgement must be clear so that the consumer of justice knows the end result of the proceeding.

CJI specifically focused on law reporting and stated that the same was necessary as the people of the country needed to know what was happening.

CJI said that in the present era we have 24X7 news channels, before we even complete a sentence, we see breaking news. There is a need for accurate reporting otherwise the citizens of the nation will be confused. Majority of the reporters don’t know what is an order,proceedings, judgement or oral observations! It is very unfortunate.

Most important point to be considered by a reporter is to consider while reporting is that the public at large must be able to understand the facts, how the law decided and how the law was applied.

CJI also emphasised on the pricing of the legal journals, he said that rural lawyer’s whose income is very minimal are unable to afford legal journals somebody should find a solution to this matter.

He also said that important judgements should be reported in regional languages as well so as that people may have a clear understanding of it.

CJI Ramana also propagated for two things first it is essential for the lawyers to know constitutional provisions said that after 75 years of independence, only few people are aware of their Constitutional rights

“I feel after 22 years as a judge, we need to think about writing judgements. I request all fraternity members-try to be simple in judgements. The consumer of justice must know what is the end result. That is more interesting. Reasoning and conclusion must be clear.”

Supreme Court judge Justice BV Nagarathna also spoke at the book launch event

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