Decriminalisation of Politics: Supreme Court orders political parties to publish criminal records of their candidates.

(Judicial Quest News Network)

Candidates are compelled to write in bold letters with regard to the criminal cases pending against them.

The Supreme Court has ordered all political parties to state the reason for giving tickets criminal record holders.

The Apex court ordered on 13/02/2020 that all political parties have to upload details of criminal cases against candidates on their websites.

The Supreme Court observed that it is flagging an “alarming rise in the criminalisation of politics” in four previous national-level elections  Supreme Court ordered to upload all the details within 48 hours.

Listing out reasons for fielding a candidate with criminal antecedents will be a big embarrassment for any political party, considering the high moral pedestal they place themselves on.

The have also mentioned that“In this Judgement the court was cognisant of the increasing criminalisation of politics in India and the lack of information about such criminalisation amongst the citizenry”.

This is taken as crucial step towards weeding out tainted individuals from enjoying a life of impunity purely on the basis of the powers and the clout they enjoy by virtue of being members of Parliament, the Supreme Court made it mandatory for all political parties to list out all details of the pending criminal cases against against any of their candidates.

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