Warning: Imposter Alert! Fraudulent Activity Detected Using Official Email Address of B. Venkatesham IAS

(Judicial Quest News Network)

Hyderabad, June 14: Mr. Burra Venkatesham, IAS the Principal Secretary to Governor and Principal Secretary to Government for Education, BC Welfare ahs brought to the notice of the public that an impersonator using the gmail ID sriburravenkatesham@gmail.com by contacting public / employees etc., and asking them for monetary benefits.

Mr. B. Venkatesham clarified that the above mentioned email is fraudulent and all are requested not to respond to such Mails/WhatsApp messages and to report and block the account if the imposter attempts to contact anyone.

Further, if any individual can identify the perpetrator/s, kindly report same to the police immediately as this would be an act of public service.

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