Rahul Gandhi’s Conviction: Apex Court Lawyer Files Complaint With Lok Sabha Speaker, Seeking His Disqualification From The House.

(Judicial Quest News Network)

Hyderabad March, 23, 2023: A Court in Gujarat on Thursday convicted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, in a 2019 defamation case for his derogatory remark made against the surname of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a rally “All thieves have Modi surname”.

Immediately after the pronouncement of the verdict an AOR of Supreme Court, Activist Vineet Jindal on Thursday filed a complaint with Loksabha speaker, seeking disqualification of Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi from the house.

The Complainant is an Advocate and Social activist submitted in his comlaint that under Section8 (3) of the Act defines any member MP/MLA of any offense and sentenced to imprisonment for two or more years shall be disqualified from the date of conviction, from the definition of the above section of the Act. Mr.Rahul Gandhi shall be disqualified from the member of the Lok Sabha from today itself.

Rahul was present in the court whe the verdict was pronounced.

The case was filed against Rahul Gandhi for his alleged derogatory remark” how come all the thieves have Modi as the common surname”

The complaint was lodged by BJP MLA and former Gujarat Minister Purneesh Modi.

The complainant claimed that the controversial remark was made at a rally at Kolar in Karnataka ahead of 2019 Loksabha elections which defamed the entire Modi Community.

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