Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan Launches Revamped Websites of ITE&C Dept. With Improved Functionality and Content Accessibility

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The Principal Secretary, IT and Industries Departments Mr. Jayesh Ranjan launched the revamped websites of IT, E&C Department ( the Open Data Initiative ( at BRKR Bhavan today. Director, Digital Media Mr.Konatham Dileep, Assistant Director, Digital Media Mr.Mudumbai Madhav and other Digital Media staff were present on the occasion.

The New Websites are interactive and gives better access to citizen centric services. The new websites have been designed using latest portal development technology with a purpose of providing an integrated digital experience to users. Website design is kept clutter-free and minimalist ensuring clear identity of elements and providing visual appeal with viewer friendliness. Better understanding of interlinkages of content is ensured.

According to a press release issued by the department

IT Dept. Website

The IT Department website is divided into Department, Investments, Initiatives, Resources, Media and Contact Us Sections. The website is presented in a user-centric and usable manner.

The website is developed keeping the end-user’s requirements in mind. The user will be led to the page/ piece of information that he is looking for.

The primary focus of the new website is on the initiatives. Each initiative is a landing page for all the information related to that initiative. It contains relevant links to the initiative’s website or policy documents and also displays related news, videos and photos.

The downloads page on the new website has links to important documents such as policies, annual reports and are neatly arranged into different sections.

The dedicated investments page showcases opportunities for the prospective investors and have relevant links and latest news.

Special focus was given on spreading IT to Tier II and Tier III cities and towns. The corresponding landing page contains information about IT centres in various regions, and it also pulls related news. Also, a dedicated section on various industry bodies with links to their websites has been included.

Open Data Portal

The Telangana State is one of the first States in India to have a dedicated Open Data Policy. The objective is to make government data available to the citizens in open and machine-readable formats.

High-value datasets are uploaded on the Open Data portal on varied areas and subjects. Many of these datasets are updated frequently and up to the most granular level.

The Open Data unit obtains web services/APIs from multiple departments and publishes data to the ‘Open Data Portal’ after a process that involves cleaning and adding relevant metadata. More than 70% of the departments have made at least one dataset available on the portal.

The revamped Open Data Portal makes APIs available for each of the datasets published. Geospatial Datasets have also been tagged for easy identification.

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