Mukhtar Ansari’s son moves Apex Court Fearing encounter of his father

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Expressing a strong uneasiness, the gangster-turned- Politian Mukhtar Ansari’s son Umar Ansari knocks on the doors of Apex Court alleging that his father has received consistent and reliable information about the grave danger to his life.

The State establishment is hatching a conspiracy to assassinate him in the Banda Jail in Uttar Pradesh.

It is submitted that as the Petitioner’s father is from a political party that is in opposition, politically and ideologically, to the ruling dispensation in the State, the entire family fears targets of persecution by the State.

The plea contended that anti-social elements in the state have been emboldened enough to commit murders within full public view and on live TV, in the presence of media and the police such as in the case of Atique Ahmed.

It is clear that there is an emerging pattern in these custodial killings where persons belonging to the political opposition are the main targets. Moreover, an investigation of police records by The Indian Express has revealed that since between March 2017 to May 2023, the state has witnessed 186 encounters i.e., one alleged criminal has been killed by the Uttar Pradesh police every 15 days, said the plea.

The Petition is filed through Advocate Lzafeer Ahmed.

The writ petition is filed under Article 32 of the constitution.

Petitioners seeks the protection for Mukhtar Ansari from the Supreme Court of a transfer from the Banda Jail.

Mukhtar Ansari is a well-known political figure in the State of Uttar Pradesh and has been a Member of Legislative Assembly for five consecutive terms from Mau constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

He was for long been under the radar of the Adityanath government, which after coming to power in 2017 unleashed the police and the force of the administration against him, his family and supporters.

The petitioners further submitted that being jealous of Mukhtar Ansari’s activeness in politics, his rivals often falsely implicated him in fake cases by filing false and fabricated charge sheets against him repeatedly.

The petitioner has also sought a direction for his father to be produced before courts only through virtual conferencing in pending cases, in view of information received by the jailed gangsters of the aforementioned conspiracy by several actors within the state.

The plea further contended that the state has consistently been taking a personally inimical position against his family, particularly his father, but now he has received reliable information that his life is in grave danger.

“It is clear that there is an emerging pattern in these custodial killings where persons belonging to the political opposition are the main targets,” the plea said.

The modus operandi of assassination of Mukhtar Ansari would be one which is not novel but as has been used to carry out killings in jail several other cases.

Even after an order passed on Mar,3,2023 by the Allahabad High Court granting enhanced security to Mukhtar, there was an incident on May 18, 2023 where certain unidentified men visited his jail barracks, he alleged.

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