KHCAA Opposes Proposal to Relocate Kerala High Court to Kalamassery Urges Chief Justice’s Intervention

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The Kerala High Court Advoctaes Association has written to Chief Justice of High Court to strictly opposing the proposal to shift the Kerala High Court from its current location near marine Drive in Kochi city to the sub-urban area of Kalamasser, where the state has proposed to develop a “Judicial City”.

The Assocaiation also requested the adequate representation of advocates in the proposed High Power Committee in Connection with the proposal for the construcution of a Judicial City in kalamassery.

The Letter addressed to Chief Justice AJ Desai, the lawyers’ assocaitaion also rose that the decision seemed to have been taken without consulting the bar.

The letter said the General Body of the KHCAA has passed a unanimous resolution to oppose the move to shift the High Court from its present location.

The letter also mentioned that the same land at Kalamasser was offered by the government in the late 80’s or early 90’s and full court deliberated and rejected the proposal.The present High Building’s foundation was laid in 1994 and the building was completed in 2006.It took 12 years for the building work and most of the dealy was caused by lack of funds and the funds flowed only after the intervention by this Court.

The letter has also mentioned that the present High Court building have sufficient space to keep the records in the vicinity of the court.

The letter staaes that no where in Indai the High Court or Judicial Academy has been constructed/ shifted in the manner it is being proposed in Kerala.The present premises of High Court is only 16 years old and Judicial Academy just 5 years old.

The KHCAA also questioned whether the Kerala government has funds to complete the Judicial City project when it has pleaded financial incapacity in other matters before the High Court.

There are affidavits after affidavits filed by the government in this Hon’ble Court as to the lack of funds .The Assocoaiation also has been informed that the Government has some dues to be paid to legal benefit fund, the welfare fund etc.In such a state of affairs, it will be difficult to walk into proposal which requires not less than 500 crores to even meaningfully start this project,” the KHCAA added.

Another reason pointed out by the KHCAA was regarding the condition of the lower judiciary in Kerala. It is sataed that the crores of Rupees which is proposed to be spent on the judicial ciry could be used to s improve the facilities in the lower judiciary.

The KHCAA also recounted that there was a meetings between  the Chief Justice and the Chief Minister on November 9,2023, where the proposal to develop  a ‘Judicial City’ was discussed.However, it wan noted that, the Chief Justice was reported to have agreed to study the proposal rather thean making a definitive decision.

It also mentioned that the main agenda f or the November 9,2023, meeting was to discuss the possible allocation of 17.73 Acres of land avaialable near the present High Court Building.

The KHCAA has also sought disclosure of any safsty issues with the present High Court building. This may have been taken into account to arrive at the proposal to shift the building to another location. “We have been hearing for a while about the structural instability of the High Court Building. However, no communication as regards to this has been made by any one to the association.If there are structural issues that concerns safety of all of us, we expect to know about it, the letter said adding that accountability should be fixed on anyone responsible for such structural instability.

The KHCAA has strongly opposed the proposal of relocation of the High Court.

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