Dowry: A Social Evil, Disrupting the Very Essence of Society.

More Fatal and Lethal Than the Deadliest Virulent All Around the World.

(Advocate Divyangna Malik)

In a culturally diverse country, packed with rich history and ruled by female Goddesses, it is not only shameful but hypocritical to promote and practice the despicable, man-made tradition of, “Dowry”.

          The very essence of life is peace and harmony, however, despite the world transforming into a Global hub, a majority of our citizens, still consider the concept of Dowry as a tradition and fail to realise the extreme adverse and negative implications it has caused over millions of parents of daughters.

          Dowry, is an English concept which was imposed upon us during our country’s darkest era. Despite becoming an independent Country, we have yet not fully imbibed our Indian culture and tradition and are rather shockingly, blindly following and still practicing the concept of this Social Evil, which has not only disrupted families, but taken the lives of many innocent citizens. Our country has not yet broken the shackles and is still tied by this deadly concept, which consumes the very essence of society, being the biggest cause for gender discrimination and disparity.

          From being the land of empowered Queens and fighters, we have become a land of dowry death. On paper, the laws are stringent, however, in reality, the situation is starkly different and getting worse with each passing day.

          Insofar as to protect the lives of our future generation, we, as Indian citizens, must treat Dowry as a threat to the society, akin to murder.

Change starts from within. Even the slightest effort can yield impactful results.

Ideate, communicate and cooperate.

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