Digital News Platforms Are Creators of Original Content Should Get a Fair Share of Revenue from The Big Tech Platforms: I&B Secretary Apurva Chandra

(Judicial Quest News Network)

Digital news platforms, which creates original content, should get a fair share of revenue from the big tech platforms which aggregate this content for the growth of the news industry, Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apurva Chandra said on Friday.

Through an E-mailed statement read at the Digital News Publishers Association (NDPA), there have been issues regarding he financial health of not just the digital news industry but also the parent print news industry.

“For the growth of the news industry, it is important that digital news platforms of all these publishers, who are the creators of original content, get a fair share of revenues from the big Tech platforms which act as aggregators of content created by others”. he said.

He further said “it is clear that if the traditional news industry continues to be negatively impacted, the future of the journalism, our fourth, is also hit. Thus, this a question of journalism and credible content as well.

He has also noted that Australia, Canada, France, EU, etc have taken the initiative through their legislatures and strengthening of their competition commissions to ensure a fair split of revenue amongst the creators of news content and the aggregators. I hope that the deliberations in this conference will lead to meaningful suggestions in the Indian context. We would also like to do what is in the best interest of all and act on the suggestions accordingly.

Chandra said that the post COVID, there have been issues regarding the financial health of not just the digital news industry, but also the print news industry.

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