Appoint A Committee, Commission To Ascertain The Nature Of The Structure Found In Gyan Vapi; Plea Filed By Devotees Allahabad High Court Reserves Order

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Many devotees of the Lord Visheswar had filed a petition in Alllahabad High Court seeking appointment of a Committee/Commission headed by a judge of the High Court or Supreme Court (Sitting/Retired)

to study the nature of structure found in the Gyan Vapi Campus to know as to whether it is Shivlinga as being claimed by the Hindus or it is a fountain as being claimed by few of the Muslims and to direct the concerned respondents to act according to such report means if it is a Shivlinga then permit the devotees to pray it as per rituals and if it is fountain then to make it functional.

The petition was filed through Advocate Ashok K Pandey.

The plea was heard today by the bench of Hon’ble Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan and Justice Subhash Vidharti

That the petitioners are the follower of Sanatan Hindu Dharma and worship Lord Shiv in routine. They are coming to file this petition in the public interest as due to the dispute which has arisen after the emergence of a structure in the Gyan Vapi campus to which the Hindus are claiming that it is Vishweshwar Jyotirlinga, the prayer of Lord Shiva is not being performed.

The seeks a direction to the UOI and the State of UP to act according to such a report and permit the devotees to pray as per the rituals in case a Shiav Linga has been found inside the mosque.

The writ petition has been filed by Advocate Ashok pande on behalf of five residents of Varnasi namely Sudhir singh, Sudhir singh, Sudhir singh, Markandey Tiwari, Rajiv Rai, and rajan Rai and Two Advocates practicing in high court at Lucknow namely Sri Ravi Mishra and Sri Atul Kumar.

That after the emergence of structure which looks like Shivlinga and it is so claimed by the Hindus, there is demand from all corners of the world where Hindus are residing to start the Puja and Darshan of Lord Vishweshwar.

The television debates on this issue are also going on since then on which a lot of things are being said by the debaters.

The Hindus are claiming their fundamental right of worship the Lingam of Lord Shiv whereas the Muslims are saying that it is fountain not the Lingam.

The rival claims of both the sides  have so charged the atmosphere where a BJP leader said something against Prophet Mohammed as result of which the Hindus are getting bad repute in the Islamic world which has also created danger to our good relations with the Islamic world.

It has been stated in the plea that it was being filed for the reason that BHog, Darshan, Arti of Lord Visheswar cannot wait for years and years and it should be stated without any further delay.The petitioners have taken a view that unless religious rituals are allowed, the communal tension would continue and there is every possibility of disturbance of public order in coming days.

Judgment will be delivered by the high court in the matter of on Monday ie.13.6.2022.

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