Anjani Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad Addresses Trainee Civil Servants at Dr MCR HRD Institute

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Sri Anjani Kumar, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City addressed the All-India Services and Central Civil Services Officers on “Metropolitan Policing”, who are attending a Special Foundation Course – 2021, at Dr MCR HRD Institute, Government of Telangana.

The session was attended by 121 trainee Civil Servants, the breakup being Indian Police Service -35; Indian Forest Service -32: Indian Post & Telecommunication Accounts & Finance Service -22; Indian Corporate Law Service -10; Indian Civil accounts Service -7; Indian Postal Service -6; Indian Information Service -5; Indian Defence Estates Service -3; and Indian Trade Service-1.

Mr. Anjani Kumar, said, with a sense of pride, that Hyderabad, when compared to similar cities across the globe, has been an extremely peaceful city. Continuing his address, he stated that, despite the religious sensitivities of such mega events as Ganesh and Moharrum Processions, Hyderabad’s image as a peaceful city continues unabated.  

Mr. Anjani Kumar, further said that “Participative Policing” contributed to the peaceful conduct of Ganesh and Moharrum Processions. “A live interface between the Police and the organizers of these events, right from their conceptualization to different stages of execution, was greatly instrumental in fully understanding their respective concerns and fears and contributing thereby to the successful conduct of these events”, he stated.

“Theconcept that every citizen is a policeman and that every policeman is a citizen is the hallmark of ‘Participative Policing’ in Telangana State”, Mr. Anjani Kumar, added.

Mr. Anjani Kumar, stated that the emergence of cyber-crime is a big challenge in-so-far as metropolitan policing is concerned. However, he added that a broad-based modernization of police force, continuous training of human resources, and effective use of technology have enabled the Telangana Police in successfully combating cyber-crimes.

Mr. Anjani Kumar, said that effective use of technology in all domains of policing has enhanced its effectiveness in a big way. He gave the examples of such contact-less and cash-less Technology and IT initiatives as police verification, collection of fines for traffic violations, installation of CCTV Cameras, etc. have added to the transparency of policing and thereby enhancing the satisfaction people towards policing in Telangana State from a meagre 12% to a staggering 78%.

Sri Harpreet Singh, IAS, Director General of the Institute & Principal Secretary to Govt, presented a memento to Sri Anjani Kumar, IPS.

Sri Sahil Sarangal, IPS, a trainee Civil Servant, welcomed the gathering and also proposed a vote of thanks.

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