Allahabad High Court Bar Association and Avadh High Court Bar Association Abstained from Work Today Expressing Displeasure Over the Education Service Tribunal Bifurcation

(Judicial Quest News Network)

Both the Bar associations of High Court of Allahabad and Oudh (High Court of Lucknow) have resolved and abstained from work today on 24-2-2021 from performing any judicial work expressing displeasure over the passing of Uttar Pradesh Educational Services Tribunal Bill, 2021 which proposes to constitute two benches of the Tribunal in Lucknow and Allahabad.

The Governing Council in its meeting decided that it “will abstain from judicial work on 24-02-2021” a and will also stage a peaceful demonstration near High Court.

The man demands which were brought forward and discussed by the council concerned the following issues

·        Regarding the Establishment of GST Tribunal at Lucknow.

·        Regarding the Establishment of Company Law Appellate Tribunal at Lucknow.

·        Regarding the Establishment extension of territorial jurisdiction of High Court of Lucknow.

It was discussed on the issue of the bifurcation of Educational Tribunal that there is a sense of “anger” amongst the members of the bar. The state government had decided initially to establish the Educational Tribunal in Lucknow, but later decided to bifurcate the Tribunal and the same was distributed between Allahabad and Lucknow.

This step of bifurcating the Education Tribunal at two places has generated anger and resentment amongst the general as well as amongst the members of the bar”

The resolution also said that the accepting the demands of the Advocates of Allahabad, the Deputy CM of Utter Pradesh Dinesh Sharma had assured them publicly that the Principal Bench of the Tribunal would  be established at Allahabad/Prayagrag,still, the Government went ahead with the Bill which is against the well-settled principles propounded by Supreme Court.

The Awadh Bar Association has also expressed its displeasure over the fact that no decision has been taken by the State Government to establish GST Tribunal as well as Company law Tribunal in Lucknow.

Both Associations have cited different reasons for opposing the Bill. While HCBA , Allahabad is opposing the Bill as the Bill proposes to establish Tribunal’s Principal Bench in Lucknow, on the other hand, the Oudh Bar Association is miffed over the bifurcation of the Tribunal at two places.

The Avadh Bar Association expressed its displeasure and mentioned that there is much anger and agitation amongst the members of the Bar due to bifurcation of State Education Tribunal at two places.

It is further mentioned in the resolution that there is a newly constructed huge building of High Court, comprising of well furnished 55 court rooms at this High Court of Lucknow, but only 30 Courts rooms are functioning and almost 25 rooms vacant. In past two years the demand extended territorial jurisdiction of High Court of UP. At Lucknow was being made by including areas of Kanpur, Barely, Moradabad, Meerut Divisions etc. But no steps have been taken till date so far.

There fore in view of the aforesaid circumstances the Governing Council is of unanimous view that in support of the aforesaid demands the members of Avadh Bar Association will abstain from Judicial Work on 24-02-2021and will also stage a peaceful demonstration at Gate no 6 from 10:00 AM

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